Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Hair Heroes - My Favourite Products for a New Shorter Hairstyle

A few months ago out of the blue, I decided I really wanted to cut my hair. Uni was almost over and I felt like I wanted a change for starting the newest chapter of my life. I have had long hair for as long as I could remember and I never had any desire to change it - in short getting my hair cut short was a big deal. Some of my friends and family were all for it, championing the change and others were begging me not to do it. I had made my decision though and during the turmoil of my dissertation I got the chop at the amazing Dean Jones Salon at Elm Row and I am so happy I did. 

I completely love my new shorter hairstyle but it was difficult finding the right products for my new hairdo. After quite a lot of trial and error, I have finally found four products that I love and work beautifully with my shorter locks. So for any girls (or guys) rocking a new shorter hairstyle - here are some great products to try out.

I used the original Moroccan Oil a few years ago and initially loved it. It made my hair feel soft, look shiny and got rid of the layer of frizz that sometimes plagues my locks. After a little while, I found it a little heavy on my hair and felt like it was making my hair greasier looking so I stopped using it. After getting my hair done with the lovely guys down at the Reilly Denholm salon in Leith I was turned on to the amazing Morrocan Oil Light for thinner and lighter coloured hair. I now use this religiously after every wash and it's also a great treatment for when the ends of my hair are feeling a bit dry. The only oil you need in your hair arsenal. 

We were kindly sent a few products from the lovely ladies at Salon Success and the minute I tried out the Neuro range I fell in love. My hair can get really tangled at times - especially after day three of being tied up in a bun. A good conditioner is vital to my hair care routine and I am loving the Neuro Rinse Conditioner. A tiny pea-sized amount goes a long way and has my locks feeling soft and conditioned in seconds. It smells amazing and I feel like it keeps my hair looking and feeling shinier and smoother for longer than other products I have used in the past. 

I must admit I am really not great at using heat protection on my hair before blow drying and styling with tools. I think it is mostly just laziness and feeling like its adding another pointless step into my routine. I like to try out new products though and I liked the fact that the Neuro spray was going to protect but also smooth and add shine to my hair. I have ended up using this product almost every day I really see the positive effects on my hair and I love how smooth my hair feels after a few sprays. It is also an added bonus that I know my hair is protected from heat products. 

I hate to apply hairspray to finish off styling my hair - it makes my hair feel sticky and it doesn't brush out of my hair very nicely either. I did feel like I needed a product to just polish off my hair and give it a little extra shine and that finishing touch. The Awapuhi Shine Spray not only smells gorgeous but it makes my hair feel and look beautiful too. I have never believed in hair perfume but this product is almost that with an extra kick off moisturisation and polish to your locks. 



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