Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Howdy there: this is 2018's first big trend.

If like me your brow was slightly crossed when you read that Western styles were coming straight for our wardrobes at the start of the year please don't feel like you were alone. I can't quite see myself reaching for a cowboy hat or some electric red cowboy boots but, as always, I'm open to trying something new. Think more flared jeans, fringed and studded suede jackets or waistcoats, a bright and bold leather studded side bag for all our city needs or even an ankle cowboy boot rather than the full calf length. Don't be worried it's not about a FULL injection of western but just touches and why not? Often I feel like the trends shared and influenced by us are predictable and repeated but I wasn't expecting western with a city girl shake-up. I've tried a few of my favourite finds to try to add some texture to my wardrobe. Plus is love anything with a fringe so I'm more than happy to swing my way around this rather chilly January/February we're having. This jacket has breathed a new lease of life into my wardrobe but if you see me flapping about in the wind please don't laugh.


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