Thursday, 21 December 2017

Experiencing 4DX with Cineworld*

TQR got a little treat this week and were invited along to Cineworld at Fountain Park to view a special screening of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in 4DX. None of us have ever experienced the cinema in 4DX before so we didn't really know what it would entail but when we heard that it would involve moving seats, sprays of water, lightning, blasts of air and even smells, we were all really excited for it.

I think the most surprising part for me was how much the seats really moved, it felt like a rollercoaster at times. At one point (during a very rocky helicopter ride) Lyndsey thought she was going to be thrown right out of her seat which of course Zoë and I thought was hilarious, especially when she started asking for a seatbelt. There were plenty of times during the film that we were just crying with laughter, at the actual film yes, but also at the fact that we were getting sprayed with water or when we could feel something brushing our legs. The only sensory part that didn't quite live up to expectations was the scents, we couldn't really notice them but I would probably rather that than have really strong overpowering smells sprayed at me.

The film itself was of course hilarious. I wouldn't expect anything else from Jack Black and Kevin Hart but with The Rock and Karen Gillan, the four together were just brilliant. The idea that they were all teenagers stuck in the bodies of other people worked so well, Jack Black's performance as a sassy teenage girl had the whole audience in stitches. It was also a nice surprise to see Nick Jonas in there, looking q fit. Although it is a remake, the film has a completely different concept to the original. Rather than a bunch of animals appearing in their world, the characters were transported into the jungle within the game. I think that this modern take on Jumanji worked really well and the 4DX was just a bonus.

If you want to see Jumanji in 4DX for yourself (which you definitely should) then you can click here to view the trailer and book your ticket!

We really would recommend trying it out, we enjoyed it so much that Zoë went back the next night for the double bill of Star Wars: The Force Awakens followed by the midnight 4DX Premier screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We had no idea that Zoë was a Star Wars Super-fan but she couldn't contain her excitement for the new movie and she's still raving about how good it was in 4DX. You can view the new Star Wars trailer and book your tickets for that here.

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