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Black Friday - The best deals and the cheapest thrills you can get

So as we all know Black 'Friday' is actually a whole weekend long (sometimes even going into Monday). It's a good opportunity to get ready for Christmas, get your last minute advent calendars or treat yourself to some pretty good skincare for over the festive period now we've been issued a snow warning and it's going to get a whole lot colder. Or even get prepared and avoid the total stress of last minute panic buying and pick the perfect outfit ready for New Year's Eve! We've gathered our favourite deals and top pics coming this weekend to get you all prepared on where to hit refresh.

Obviously I'm going to be scrolling endlessly buying a thousand things I don't need but might also need to wear approx 4 different outfits on Christmas Eve, Day an Boxing Day then there's the in-between comfy clothes you need to recover from mammoth eating and then the obviously BIGGEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR NewYears Eve outfit has been on my radar for the past few months (exciting post to come soon). So I've chosen my top picks on where to shop and what to get to ensure you're going to be looking extra fresh over Christmas and New Year. My advice is bookmark everything now and have it ready in a window to refresh so you know immediately if it's going in the sale. Discounts usually start at a minimum of 20% - 50% off so it's worth the research and planning. Just be prepared is my ultimate rule to avoid disappointment.

Topshop - Offering upto 50% off + free shipping until the 27th November.

Did someone say the best NYE dress ever made? HERE it is. Sequins, pink, half sleeve: I'll take three. It's perfect so enough said. Add some velvet block heels and a feathery bag you'll be looking like the prettiest Christmas decoration there ever was.

A little bit of velvet and lace together is a dream. This tiered dress is a good mix between a bit more fancier than your usual Topshop party dress but still fun midi dress. It's not too formal either so ideal if you're not a super fancy pants but want to make it a special one.

Fully obsessing over this shirt. I think its so effortless and ideal for New Years Day or that in the middle phase between Christmas and NYE. Wear it with a long sleeved polo neck underneath or a vest to make it a bit more subtle when you're with the fam. Then as soon as the pub calls (make sure you're got a nice bodysuit or long-line bra underneath) you can whip the polo off and you're set to go.

I couldn't help myself with these shoes. The ULTIMATE party heel that will go perfectly with all your fresh New Year threads. Easy to wear with a cute mustard sock or low denier tights or obviously bare legged. These shoes are a total bargain may I just say. Classy, a little bit of sass and I promise you they'll be so comfy. The heel is a more balanced height and shape for your foot so go for these if you're not a usual heel wearer. If the festive period isn't a time to be that little bit extra then when is? These little fluffy gems are what I would call a perfect Cinderella slipper. Fluffy, pink and the alice band strap is a dream come true. I personally would wear them fully in causal mode waking up in Christmas morning just because but if you wanted to wear them with a little slip dress and a furry coat for any party or a cullote trouser would look amazing for a touch of sass.

Hobbs - offering 20% off everything till Sunday 26th November and will offer a special 'Daily Deal'. 

This mustard velvet dress is delightful for any occasion and perfect for emphasising your silhouette keeping it tres chic with the ruffles too I'm in love with it. Sitting at a midi-length it's perfect for wearing with a cheeky fishnet and a barely there heel or even a long boot underneath for a more relaxed feel.

Karen Millen - 25% off everything.

Couldn't help myself with this T-Shirt. A little bit too much for perfect for a little Christmas Eve gift and something to chuck on whilst the champagne flows across the festive period.

These are perfect for those full lazy days you've got people coming over and you can't be bothered to make an effort but you have to because it's Christmas. Super comfortable trousers, still very current for the season and ideal paired with a plain black jumper and trainers. Obsessed with these chiffon sleeves on this jumper. Looks like you've made a lot of effort but you're actually just hiding the fact you've got a hundred Quality Street chocolates stuffed up your sleeves.

If New Year isn't a time to be bit daring then when is? This full lace dress is super sweet, still sexy and avoids that awkward figure hugging body con you're shuffling about in just trying to dance to ABBA in at 4am. Obviously I couldn't not choose this stunning satin maxi dress. It sums me up perfectly and everything I love is involved. Satin, max, long sleeves and buttons down the front. I would definitely get my tan fully on so i'm glowing like Queen Bey. Pair it with a super pretty bodysuit to hold yourself all in and if you're feeling a bit cheeky you can have the buttons at the top undone to show a bit off. Couldn't say no to some SUPER glittery heels and you're set to go. The best bit is you can wear it with jeans the next day and trainers and everyone's just going to think you've made a valiant effort but actually you've crawled in at 8am.

I totally understand the price points here are a bit more than I personally would spend on a festive dress but again, it's Christmas so time to spoil yourself as much as you do everyone else. 

This velvet maxi dress is pretty damn chic. The fluted sleeve with the velvet print and the super feminine shape is for me the ultimate classy party dress. Get a heavy smokey eye all over it and a Fenty red lip you'll be making waves walking into any party.

This one is pretty cute and pretty festive. Gold flaked and the prettiest dress I've ever tried on I love love love it. You feel like you should be on top of a Christmas tree. The shape and length are super flattering if you're petite but also very ideal if you have a bigger bust. It's flattering too if you prefer to avoid a figure hugging body con but with the panelling and design it will sinch you right in at the waist with a bit of eye trickery. Obviously very ideal for dancing with the tulled skirt too.

This one isn't something I would instantly chose first hand but theres something I can't say no to about it. The mix between a Gucci-esque sporty but still keeping it feminine and the effortless shape is beeeeeautiful. The silk print is so delicate it literally is the kind of dress you can chuck on last minute and you're set to go. No need for any wild accessories. 

I'm slightly obsessed with their T-Shirt collection at the moment. I love their movement to a more contemporary approach to designs and some cooler styles. This jumper is a perfect festive red but sways away from those classic OTT Christmas jumpers. If you're looking for a more fashion ready Christmas jumper- this is the one. ('Le Captain' obviously means Captain of the sausage in blankets so you're first in the queue) This shiny, glossy silk t-shirt is (as our beloved Trinny says..) ready to lift you up on those dull days: AKA hungover on the sofa but you need to look like you're totally fine. 

Obviously couldn't ignore their homeware so if you're dying for a Kate La Vie Christmas or just want to impress across the dinner table then these are my top picks for the festive season.

This whole collection is honestly breathtaking. Too dramatic....maybe? But this pink tinted glassware is so so pretty it'll be a forever collection to keep for those special moments across the festive season. Again I'm loving this whole speckled phase and Anthropologie seem to always have the newest and prettiest collections. Made by Suit One (their Instagram is a dream) this collection is the right amount of glam you need on the dinner table. Although a little pricey these gems are nice as a treat even if you have one or two they'll fit perfectly for anything from a mince pie for Santa or to fill with roast potatoes when nobodies looking. These Candlefish Candles are so so fresh they're perfect for getting any over-cooked parsnips smells or after 352618 brussel sprouts have been consumed. They're soy based and last an absolute age. I've had four of these candles and the smell lasts right down to the end. 

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