Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Meeting Mr Christmas

At the John Lewis Christmas shop opening and Gifting showcase in Edinburgh, we were lucky enough to meet the lovely Dan Cooper, also known as Mr Christmas. He is the man who travels the world finding all the beautiful Christmas decorations to sell in John Lewis. From Christmas trees to wreaths to personalised wrapping paper, this man brings it all to the shop floor.

This year, Dan has designed 7 stunning and brand new Christmas tree themes which you can find on the John Lewis website. Even though he admitted that the idea of a themed tree is very hard to maintain when you have young children in your family bringing lovely handmade decorations home with them, they are definitely a beautiful starting point. Dan also recommends that if you want a beautiful tree, you should have 100 bulbs per metre of tree. I mean for him, having three trees in his house, adding up to a total of 34 metres, that is A LOT of lighting... I would hate to see that electricity bill. Another exciting feature at John Lewis this year is personalised gifts such as Santa sacks, baubles, wrapping paper and even sweeties. I know it's October but I am already so excited! 

After being with John Lewis for 22 years, Dan knows exactly what he's doing. In fact, he told us that he is just about finished shopping for next years Christmas collection. I don't want to spark any false hope but I may have picked up on a little hint that a certain man in a red suit may be coming to stores next year (finger crossed that actually happens).

Also at the John Lewis Christmas shop opening, we were introduced to the brand new (and absolutely delicious) Edinburgh Gin, Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur which is on sale now, exclusively at John Lewis. This delight is a must try, especially when topped up with Prosecco!

Although Dan has bought many of the decorations from different countries around the world, he told us that he is always looking out for locally made decorations. So if you know anyone or anywhere that makes Christmas decorations here in Scotland, you should definitely get in touch with him.

Toni x


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