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There's only hours left to register to vote in the UK. Meer hours left to take your future by the balls and decide what you want to do with it. We're a generation that has the most to lose yet we're a generation with the lowest voter turnout. But why?

TV babe, film and documentary maker, a solid voice for a silent generation; Billy JD Porter along side WHO, publicly launched the campaign '#useyourvoice' to help people understand WHY it's so important for us to use our voice and vote. This video 'Use Your Voice' is how it all started and a pretty sound explanation from people of all walks of life and different ages as to why they don't feel involved in politics and the unfortunately deprived issue that needs a lot of attention. The point of the video isn't to sway or influence your voting chose but to raise attention and encouragement for young people to use their vote.

Billy has drawn a social media following attention to the importance of using your vote and how you should pay attention to the politics of today because inevitably it's going to be us that will feel and see the biggest changes and effects on society. The campaign is in collaboration with people like social media influencer Gemma Styles to British Youth Council chairperson Anna Rose Baker and poet Isaiah Hull. Billy made it clear it's not about showing your specific support for a party - nobody is expecting that but a simple reminder that the deadline to register to vote is coming is suffice. 

Politics can be a bit of an ugly word and still today seems to be awkward to talk about amongst friends but it's so important to get involved in to understand our future. Whether you want to study abroad or at home, it affects your chances to do this. If you want to go into the international field of work or you're thinking of working from home- it affects you. It affects your food shopping, your kids, your mum, your gran, your favourite lady in the Tesco checkouts that always gives you a sweetie she hides under her till. YOU. It will effect your everyday life and can have massive changes on things that are important to you. Don't think that because you're not shouting about your political opinion or think you don't really know enough THIS guide will help you understand. If you want an easier channel to listen about politics and the manifesto's or challenges parties are facing and what they care about there's TV programmes like 'The last leg' that are weekly leading up to the elections and talk about what's going on in a more comedic approach. I personally love it and can't get enough of Josh Widdicombe.

We're three women who want a brighter and better future for us and generations to come. Please register by midnight tonight and think about what really matters to you and make a change that matters.

Please register here:

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