Thursday, 4 May 2017

Big boobs and Bodysuits

There's something special about wearing matching underwear; whether it gives you that extra confidence for the day ahead or makes you feel that little bit more sassy. If its your fave M&S matching comfy set or your Agent Provocateur slinky lace bodysuit it's always going to do the job. 

It's that time of year when we're itching for full Summer and slowly buying our summer wardrobe piece by piece trying not to indulge too much on the new-in section of ASOS every night like I do. Now is when I love to invest in amazing new underwear. Whether it's an embroidered bra, a full lace bodysuit or a super pretty matching silk set, I can guarantee you it's gunna lift me up that little bit. If you've got someone you want to impress, even better but it'll make you feel 10/10 knowing underneath your work or uni clothes you've got something pretty on underneath. 

My obsession with bodysuits came after a birthday when I was wearing a full white jumpsuit and couldn't find any underwear to go underneath it so a friend recommended a nude spanx style bodysuit from M&S. I almost shrieked at the thought of nude underwear but following her advice- it's one of the best things I've ever bought. Yes is nude, yes it's Spanx style and no it isn't the prettiest piece of underwear in the world but honestly wearing it and having everything in the right place AND it sucks everything in, is like a dream (and it's the comfiest thing ever).

 After this revelation I decided to venture into some more attractive bodysuits which lead me to my obvious go-to ASOS. As usual, I was spoilt for choice and got over excited but because I have big boobs, small shoulders, a small waist and a bum to match my boobs it can be a little tricky to actually chose underwear I know will fit properly. Because we're now in the bodysuit phase this needed a lot of buying and returning but thanks to premier deliver this was obviously no hassle. I ended up trolling trough every colour, every style, shape and fabric until I found three I absolutely love. I tend to stick to high leg styled suits because of my waist and so they're not too tight across my bum. This navy lace body is honestly one of the comfiest things I own- if I could wear it every day I would. It's saved outfits and even though it's sheer, it's been very durable on nights out. It's cups my boobs perfectly and feels really good so it's a solid 10/10. This pink one looks really pale online but it actually a full blush pink. I'm not a pink underwear gal so this was nearly a return situation but after trying it on- it was just dreamy. It's so so soft and the lace detail is so pretty and compared to the navy it's a good in-between sexy and pretty. The cups are a little small on me so it acts as a push up for me but it general it's a 8/10. This Topshop black lace bodysuit was something I bought on a total whim, didn't try it on situation when on a girly city break in London because we were going out and I wanted to wear a sheer t-shirt and had no good underwear with me so I had approx 25 mins to find something before a hair appointment. Anyway, it's just fabulous. It holds everything in, has a high leg and looks good just on its own if you want to impress someone. Because of my bigger boobs I had a little bit of worry they'd just spill out but they're secure enough. I don't usually go for mesh but it looks pretty against skin and the back is just beautiful. This one is ideal for layering because there's a bit more to it rather than just being full underwear making it a 9/10. 

I've picked some of my favourite bodysuits that are ideal for any occasion, outfit and body shape. If you've never tried a bodysuit before, just try it. They hold everything in, keep everything in place and saves on the washing in the long run. Perfect for going out, layering and when you're feeling like you need that little cheeky boost mid month to make yourself feel better. 

Z x


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