Sunday, 2 April 2017

Why are hangovers so much worse once you hit 25?

Not to sound smug but my hangovers have never been that bad. I have distinct memories of girls holidays where my friends would be spend half the morning severely suffering from several nights of binge drinking in Magaluf. I would be feeling far from fighting fit but it was nothing snoozing on a sun bed and eating ice lollies wouldn't solve.  So that was my hangover at eighteen, fast forward to twenty-one and admittedly working a very busy shift at an airport based coffee house was less than ideal after a night on the tiles, but I could sort of muddle through with some help from Lucozade and a bacon roll. Even at twenty-three/twenty-four I was hungover but I could still recover fairly quickly and potentially drink a few days in a row.

I'm not going to lie here many a friend had warned me of how bad a hangover gets once you hit about twenty-five, but honestly nothing could have prepared me. It's a combination of being completely exhausted, de-hydrated, nauseous, starving and completely full all at once and not to mention the toe curling, energy draining, heart palpitation inducing mind frame of having 'the fear' about your behaviour the evening before.

So why on earth do we got so hungover? I have done a bit of research (googled) for the benefit of myself and all the rest of our readers who are on the latter end of twenty and suffering every Sunday to find out;

  • Once you hit twenty-five your body suffers from injury less and less effectively meaning whether its surgery, broken bones, the flu or the dreaded hangover. The older you get the longer you take to recover. 
  • Our livers can't filter vodka induced toxins as well as they used to. Increased alcohol consumption can cause whats known as a fatty liver (alarming title I really don't need anymore body parts getting fat), but basically this is not good and the reason we feel on the edge of death. 
  • Finally the older we get the less lean we are. Our bodies fat percentage has increased which leads to a higher blood alcohol percentage which means we get drunk more easily and subsequently much more hungover. 

I would also like to add my own theory of why I feel so awful on a hangover now I am technically an adult. When you spend an entire Sunday in bed on the brink of death feeling guilty about how unproductive you are being - you are bound to feel worse. Maybe its the responsibility of being a twenty-something year old that has doomed as to feel like we have been hit by a tonne of bricks after a night on the tiles. At the moment I only have to keep myself alive and pay some bills I can't imagine how bad my hangover is going to be when I have kids. Mums and dads I salute you!

I know that everyone has their own fail safe theory on how to cure a hangover but I think the trick is prevention and cure mixed together. Here's a few of my best tricks;

  • Take your make-up off! I know at the time it's the last thing you can be arsed doing in the morning you will be very, very grateful.
  • Try and drink a large glass of water before bed, get the rehydration started sooner rather than later.
  • Also keep water beside your bed for the middle of the night Sahara dessert mouth.
  • Coffee, ice cold water & pain-killers in the AM, and I try and eat a bit of fruit which is hard but makes me feel as though I'm nourishing my body.
  • If all else fails. Lucozade, Irn-bru, Bacon rolls and to top it off a Dominoes pizza.

Another little trick I learned from listening to the PanDolly podcast late last year is the 3 Drink Rule. If you just have three drinks throughout your evening, drinking slowly and dragging these drinks out, you will categorically not be hungover in the morning, hopefully. I have tested this theory out and I can honestly say that it does work, I have even tested it on a school night.

Bottom line, hangovers get worse as you get older, its a grim truth but personally it won't stop me enjoying cocktails on the weekend or a cheeky glass of wine in the evenings. With that in mind leave a comment with your best hangover tips and lament with me about our unfortunate future filled with awful hangovers. 

Lyndsey x


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