Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Lovage Restaurant

I have passed this place on a number of occasions and it's always caught my eye. It does however look really small from the outside so if you happened to blink as you were walking by, you would probably miss it. Luckily for me, I have passed it regularly enough with my eyes open to have been drawn in by it. After reading a few of the different menus, it was inevitable that I would book a table as they always sounded amazing.  The restaurant prides itself on the fact that it uses local and seasonal produce and so the menu changes regularly.

Upon arrival, on Valentines night no less, we were greeted warmly and welcomed into the very cozy atmosphere of the restaurant (I would however request a table through the back if possible, the front next to the door was a little breezy). The service was quick and the staff were lovely, there was also a very good selection of wines on offer. The food was absolutely delicious, cooked to perfection with a perfect balance of flavours. As you will see below, there were so many different elements to each dish, which all just worked so well together. The price was very reasonable for the quality of food we received, 2 courses for £29.95 or 3 courses for £34.95.

Obviously I had three courses, so here they are in reverse order because we all know pudding is the best...

Dessert: Chocolate Cremeux orange, sesame, banana ice cream

So I ordered this dessert because to be honest I'm obsessed with desserts. Unfortunately my other half isn't a fan of desserts what so ever, but even he could not help himself but devour the majority of this little plate of deliciousness. I think that says it all.

Main Course: Lamb lamb saddle, plums, almonds, celeriac, dates, kale

This was 100% the most tender piece of lamb that I have ever tasted. Absolutely delicious. And although this looks like a very little, delicate plate of food, it defies perceptions as we were both completely full after our second courses. Obviously we couldn't resist overindulging and continued to have dessert anyway.

Starter: Livers chicken liver pate, cranberry, fried lamb liver, onion, potato

This was the first time that I have tried liver so I didn't know what to expect. The texture was unusual,  but the flavours like the sharpness of the cranberry and the richness of the liver were amazing and every element of the dish complimented each other perfectly.

I definitely recommend this little gem of a restaurant, I had such an enjoyable experience there and enjoyed some really exceptional tasting food. 



  1. Wow the presentation is just stunning. I love the look and sound of the liver dish best - Its always much nicer to have liver cooked by a professional.

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