Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Sun Inn Review Or Should I Say Rave

So we are a little bit out of Edinburgh with this review, in the lovely Dalkeith where I visited the truly fantastic Sun Inn (FYI Scottish Gastro Pub of the Year 2011). My family and I weren't together over the festive period due to work commitments so we decided to make up for it by going for a nice meal in the New Year. My parents were already huge fans of The Sun Inn and had previously raved about it, so I was very excited to eat there myself, especially when the rents are paying.

We dined on a very busy Friday night and because we were a group of nine we were seated in a really cool and modern space in the back. The space was minimally furnished and designed in an almost industrial style which was really cool but surprising for a gastro pub and a contrast from the more traditional cosy vibe of the rest of the restaurant.  As soon as we sat down we were offered drinks and served them really promptly which is always a strong first impression. The menu was adorned with traditional pub grub but with a twist. There was a variety of choices with meat and also vegetarian options that sounded really good, my sister got the pasta and raved about it.

To start I had the lobster risotto with crayfish and scallops which was on the specials menu. It came beautifully presented and was literally the perfect portion size as risotto can be very stodgy and filling.  The rice was dripping in flavour and just melted in my mouth, and the fish was cooked beautifully. Every item on the plate complimented each other perfectly and it was one of the nicest risottos I have ever had. 

I then chose from the specials menu again and went for the Venison. It was the best choice on the table by far. I wish I could describe exactly what I was served but the special menu from that night I couldn't get my hands on so my enthusiastic summary of the delights I was served will have to do. The venison was cooked perfectly and was beautifully tender, mixed with the haggis it was a terrific mix of taste and texture. It was served with lovely, crisp roast potatoes and a rich, thick, berry infused glaze that was almost indescribable in taste.  I think it is pretty clear I enjoyed the main course, and it has really made me keen to cook more with venison.

Due to the fact it was technically my Christmas dinner, I decided to indulge with dessert. Not often do I see baked Alaska on a menu so as soon as I clocked it on the menu I was sold. I was not disappointed as the meringue melted in my mouth and the contrast of the sweet and sour of the citrus was perfect. A fabulous way to top off a beautiful meal.

All in all this review is a bit of a rave but rightly so, as the food was truly outstanding. My parents have assured me that the food is also always to this standard so I will be definitely be going back. The rest of my family ordered fairly similarly to myself but my sister raved about her vegetarian options too, so The Sun Inn do cater for many different dietary needs.  If you have visited the lovely Sun Inn let me know what you thought!

Lyndsey x


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  1. I love this place! I havent been in such a long time, but its a firm favourite! In fact we're thinking of having a family meal here soon. Nothing quite says family catch up like good food and a few drinks. I think the couple of times I've been they've had a different menu so there is always something new to try.

    Emma x


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