Saturday, 3 December 2016

Studio Five

As four students with graduation looming we are all apprehensive about getting out into the work place and finding a job that pays well and that we are passionate about. Especially for graduates with degrees in creative arts, jobs are few and far between unless your willing to move to London and work your arse off for free. 

Sisters Lucy and Kitty Pressland based in Edinburgh have taken their careers in fashion into their own hands by launching their own business, Studio Five. They have combined their creativity and skills to create a fashion and interior textiles brand that specialises in slow fashion and sustainability. The girls are taking a different, more ethical approach to their business focussing on producing affordable and aesthetically pleasing products for a younger market using as many sustainable or alternative products as they can.

Studio Five will focus on releasing two collections a year engaging in a slow fashion movement, with all of their products made to order to prevent wastage. Their first collection will be launching this month along with their website and will include beautifully designed t-shirts, scarves and cushion.

The interesting and admirable thing about Studio Five is how they engage with ethical responsibility within fashion and although aiming to be completely sustainable presents many challenges for the young company, they have chosen to embrace it and stay true to their identity and beliefs. The designs are a beautiful mix of ethereal prints with unique touches to give the products a young, cool edge.

We we were lucky enough to be sent one of Studio Five giveaway boxes which we were completely delighted about. It contained the softest organic cotton logo t-shirt that there was an instant fight over amongst the TQR team. Apparently Nicole won and is rocking the gorgeous and versatile tee in the photos. There have been many compliments and questions about the t-shirt especially from the men in our lives, probably because of its beautiful quality and simple but cool design. If you are looking for beautiful and ethically responsible fashion and interiors look no further than Studio Five, these girls are leading the way in a new more socially responsible fashion movement. 

Check out Studio Five on Instagram Studio Five 
If you have any queries about products you can email at



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