Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Remember Remember

Bonfire night/Guy Fawkes/the 5th of November I feel is a bit of an underrated, or under-talked about night. Somewhere amidst all of the Halloween and Christmas hustle and bustle it seems to get a bit lost. However, if you make that little bit of effort, I feel like it can be such a special night.

The British bonfire night tradition is a celebration that originated in 1605. Guy Fawkes was caught on the 5th of November putting explosives underneath the House of Lords in an attempt to kill the king at the time, King James. Because he was caught, the King decided that everyone should have a bonfire to celebrate the fact that he didn't get blown up. People often burn scarecrows on the top of the bonfire to resemble Guy Fawkes (I don't know if he was actually burned or not for it). I also seem to remember there being something about how the firework idea came about because the explosives that Guy Fawkes used were found with gunpowder in them and fireworks are made of gunpowder but I can't really remember that part of the story.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff... Living in Edinburgh, we are so lucky as to have loads of different options on how to spend the evening. Meadowbank have a huge display selling tickets for about £6 but if you'd rather not get tickets to see a specific show, which I don't usually do, then there is loads of other things you can do to make the occasion an amazing night.

  1.  Go up a hill, any of them really but your best views will be from either Arthurs Seat, Calton hill or Blackfird hill. But just a warning, you will certainly not be the only one there so head up a bit earlier to get the best views. The best firework displays are usually between 6pm-8pm.
  2. Take a flask of something with you to keep you warm, last year I took mulled wine and it was delicious! But you could take mulled cider, hot chocolate or even a hip flask of sloe gin would do the trick.
  3. Wrap up. Remember its even colder up the hills than it is on the streets, plus you will be standing about a lot so get all the cozy clothes out.
  4. Be in good company. Watching fireworks, if you don't mind the noise, can be so special so take someone with you who will appreciate it as much as you will.
  5. Take sparklers. Who doesn't love a sparkler?!

T x

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  1. YAS! Thanks for not forgetting about about the 5th - it's my birthday so when I see every blogger ever harping on about halloween and then forgetting all about bonfire night I die a little inside!

    This makes me want to pop through and see what the 5th is like in Edinburgh next year. Tempting!

    Jess xx


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