Wednesday, 26 October 2016

It's Officially Winter

The transition between summer and autumn, for me at least, happened overnight. It started with what to wear that morning, then my decision to turn the heating on after having it off for months, the Christmas items I noticed in the shop while buying my dinner, even the meal I decided to make that night had something different about it. Walking home from work in the dark for the first time, stepping over the golden leaves that had fallen from the trees, it dawned on me that winter was more than on it's way. Until that moment, I had gone without realising that summer was completely over, and probably had been for a while. 

I absolutely LOVE winter- any excuse for a new jacket, and I basically change everything about my lifestyle between summer and winter. As I am sure most of you do too. So here is just a few things that I do to get me through the cold weather and add to my love of winter:

The clothes.
I completely forget about my summer wardrobe- my winter woolies come out at the first sign of even the slightest temperature drop. The jumpers, coats, boots, scarves, cozy pyjamas, thick socks and layers on layers of Autumnal colours become a permanent fixture for the winter months. Even my makeup style changes as I start using darker and bolder colours. Having shopped for summery dresses over the past couple of months, I now find myself looking at the jackets and coats, fighting my way through the invasion of sparkly dresses, to find the cosiest clothes I can get my hands on. My outfit choices start to prioritise warmth over fashion and my dressing gown/blankets come out of their summer hibernation. I should probably mention that Zoe is not one for compromising fashion for warmth, hence the loafers, which she will probably wear even if it snows.

The food.
Overnight, I went from eating salads and antipasti to cooking all the hearty and wholesome food that I could think of. All the Winter warmer meals you can imagine started to appear on my plate; casseroles, stews, curries, wintery soup, lasagne, thai chicken broth and this delicious chicken, chorizo and veggie pie which Zoe and I made:

The atmosphere.
Even though its still October, there are signs of Christmas and winter everywhere you look. The dark mornings and early sunsets, the frost on the windows when you wake up, being able to see your breath in the air. Since early September there has even been little hints of Christmas appearing in the shops, selling advent calendars long before anything halloween-y appeared! Everything from the early night skies, to the cinnamon scented candles makes me so excited about this time of the year.

The cozy nights.
Harry Potter movies start to be shown constantly on the TV, not that they need to be... I mean, who doesn't have the entire DVD boxset anyway?! I get the sudden urge to have a night in, watching movies all cozy on the sofa, even more so when this years dose of the cold hits me. I go through ridiculous numbers of candles, drink about 10 times more hot chocolate than I probably should and watch far too many movies. It's all a part of this wintery feeling that I can't get enough of. 

T x

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