Monday, 19 September 2016

University 'effortless' OOTD

First day back to uni so you want to make some sort of effort, yeah? Even with the effort everyone still wants to look like they didn't care about looking good and just threw the first thing they could find on. Then the next day they can go back to the top knot and no make-up look. The above outfit is my go to 'effortless' look and I pretty much wear a variation of this to uni every day. 

  • I'm a fan of the t-shirt and jeans combo always. You can't ever have enough t-shirts, for example, I own at least 12 black and white striped ones (not actually an over-exaggeration). I quite like tucking mines in at the front to make it look a bit more stylish or tying it in a knot in the side to make it more cropped (Gigi Hadid does it, so it must look good?!).
  • Obviously, not everyone has legs longer than a giraffe so you can easily change up the style of the jeans depending on your leg length and shape. I love the fact this pair have a dropped hem as it makes them a bit different to normal jeans.
  • I think it should be a rule that everyone owns at least one pair of black trainers. They go with everything and make your outfit looks 10x more on point. My favourites are my black high-top converse. I pretty much wear them every day because they're so comfy and they look good too!
  • A leather jacket makes any outfit look much more chic and effortless. 
Links to the above or similar:

Leather Jacket- Superdry (old) Similar: 

Jeans- Topshop:

High-Top Converse- Office:

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  1. Love it! Truly effortless yet chic! Seems very comfortable to wear all day at the uni :)

  2. I really like the way talked about your experience especially your comment about:I think it should be a rule that everyone owns at least one pair of black trainers.

  3. I never feel better when in a cas t-shirt and jean combo. You look great!

  4. Perfect outfit for uni and you certainly nailed it with effortless, but very chic.

  5. Looks very effortlessly chic, I don't wear jeans but I do love tshirts usually with leggings or high-waisted shorts :)

  6. How people put the effort in when it comes to uni I have no idea?! I'm like you and love the jean and t-shirt combo! Occasionally I switch my jeans for a jean skirt but it's basically the same!

  7. Looks great, so effortless yet trendy and chic. Didn't realize you had Coverse on, looks like heels 😊

  8. Thank you for your comment!

    LOVE this look! Looks stylish but comfy, which is a great combo. Thanks for the idea - I'm back to uni next week so will keep this look in mind ;) I'm also pretty glad it's cold enough to wear my leather jacket again!

    Em x


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