Friday, 23 September 2016

Not So Secret Island Escape...

I had the urge to call this post 'Secret Island Escape' but to be honest with you I am not the only person who has discovered the beautiful Isle of Tiree, located on the west coast of Scotland. Although many people have never heard of this absolute gem of an island, many people I meet (and boast about this place to) have either heard of it or actually been there themselves. The only reason why this comes as as surprise to me is because Tiree is so small. It has a population of about 600 and just one food shop. There is also a number of gorgeous little gift shops, including 'Chocolate and Charms' which features chocolate and jewellery that has been homemade on the island as well as my favourite, 'Tyrii Pottery' which sells all sorts of crockery, dishes, lamps and other pieces with designs inspired by the island, made even more special by the fact that you can see it all being made right infront of you. And if you want to see some of this beautiful work yourself, head down to the Beach Cafe in Portobello (I can recommend breakfast!) who's crockery is actually from the pottery itself.

I have been visiting Tiree annually with my family ever since I was born, and I think it proves what a special place it is by the fact that my parents continue to go there on holiday each year with all four of their children, even though we are now all aged between 17 and 24. Although we are all growing up and doing our own thing, we still, more than happily, give up a week to go and visit our fave place.
One of my favourite things about the island is the picturesque beaches. Tiree is surround by these gorgeous white beaches as well as a green marble beach, no matter where you look, every view is breathtaking. Don't even get me started on the sunsets... other than a few small hills, the island is totally flat which makes for the most incredible sunrises/sunsets, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

The main reason why we go to Tiree is because my Dad is a windsurfer. Host to the 'Wave Classic', it is an absolute prime location for Scottish windsurfing. There is literally a perfect beach to go to no matter what direction the wind is blowing. In the past few years, he has been less bothered about surfing and just loves to enjoy the peacefulness of a week in the middle of nowhere, which is exactly what we all need after a summer of working like crazy. We all still love to have a go at windsurfing, do a bit of body boarding in the sea, go fishing off of the pier, go for long walks along the beaches or go on a wee pony trek, but even without all of that, its so nice to just have a break and relax for a week in beautiful surroundings.
The excitement we had as children to travel on the ferry, get our wetsuits on and jump in the sea, make sandcastles and explore the beaches is very much still with me, although I will be honest, I am much less inclined to go into the freezing cold sea than when i was 5.

This island means so much to me and my family, it feels like a home away from home. Our most recent visit was made even more special as my sister got engaged! Her boyfriend got down on one knee on the beach and popped the question. I couldn't imagine a more romantic setting if i tried. So much beauty on such a small island, the wildlife, the beaches, the sunsets. Sometimes when I'm there, I honestly don't feel like I'm in Scotland.

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  1. What an amazing work with the pictures. I really like places that are quiet and serene. This place looks just perfect for a getaway.

  2. I've never been here but it looks super amazing and zen! The colors of the sky are breathtaking... Love it :)

  3. Your photos are amazing! ! Sounds like a lovely place 😄 Ree love30

  4. Incredible pictures! The sky in the first one is breathtaking.. The island looks beautiful. Congratulations to your sister :)

  5. The photos are incredible! It looks such a beautiful place. Would certainly love to visit.

    1. Thank-you, the photos are nothing compared to the real thing! x

  6. The place looks beautiful and the special connwction your family has to it makes it even more. ❤

  7. Thanks! I feel so lucky to know this place x

  8. Beautiful photos! it looks gorgeous; not a place i'd ever really considered visiting until now....

    Emma x


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