Saturday, 20 August 2016

Top 3 Ibiza Moments 1: The Zoo Project

Let me start this by saying that I have an announcement to make which may make my holiday to Ibiza sound a little strange: I hate going to clubs. They make me feel uneasy and a teeny bit claustrophobic. At the ripe old age of 23 I haven't set foot in a club in well over a year and so when I agreed to an Ibiza holiday the thing that terrified me was the aspect of going to Pacha to see David Guetta (HAHA) and freaking out half way through 'Where Them Girls At?' (let's all agree that's his best song?). However, my best friend who has this magic ability to talk me into doing anything persuaded me to go to the Zoo Project and I actually really enjoyed myself.

The Zoo Project is actually located in an old Zoo just outside San Antonio Bay. I was expecting a massive drunken rave but instead was met with the exact opposite. It's actually more like a mini festival with hippy vibes. Everyone gets painted or dressed up like an animal and dances the night away (I went as a lizard obvs/ sorry for the bikini.)

We actually got the painting done before we went to the event because we guessed it would cost something like €743829 to get it done inside. The shop we got ours done in was called 'Kiss My Fairy' (sorry Mum) in San Antonio Bay because the body art they done looked amazing- which it was. In the end it cost €30 which is still probably unacceptable to pay for some face paint on your arm but it's Ibiza and everything costs 3x the normal amount.

The venue itself was amazing! It's pretty big and also outside which means no uber sweaty painted arms. It's separated into different parts- the normal dancefloor with a DJ, a chill out area, food/ drink area and a pool area. The dancefloor was fab because the DJ didn't play horrific music like they normally do in all the big clubs so we actually enjoyed a dance. I was upset however, that no Beyoncé got played but you can't have it all eh?

Meditating with a Polar Bear?

The Chill out area was by far my favourite. There where loads of bean bags to sit out on, teepees to sit in, you could get a massage, tarot readings, henna and even join in with some dancing. We happened to be sat on the wrong beanbags when the event started and got dragged into an energy ritual that saw us doing weird gorilla movements and spinning in circles. I felt like a kid again which was surprisingly fun!

This was by far my favourite 'clubbing' experience of the week and if I were to give a suggestion to anyone going on that type of holiday then it would be to go to the Zoo Project because it's amazing! Everyone is super friendly there and the alcohol is also a lot cheaper than at Pacha, Amnesia and Ushuaia. It's also fab because it finishes at 12- perfect if you are a Granny-before-your-time like me.

Nicole x


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