Monday, 22 August 2016

Homemade Lemon and Coconut Face Scrub

My skin and I have a very turbulent relationship. Sometimes we get on but most of the time it's a constant battle. I used to have acne when I was a teenager going through school and then only in the last few months I've noticed it's starting to creep it's way back in. It's red, raw and just isn't the nicest thing to look at. I've read a hundred skin blogs and product reviews but I have an almighty fear with using loads of product on my face after being told by a skin expert that I shouldn't use exfoliators or any harsh beaded products because it'll just irritate my skin. However, I then spoke to another expert who found it ridiculous that I was told not to use an exfoliator. So there I was, stuck back at square one still desperate for something to make a difference to my skin with everyone saying different things. 

I decided to just keep researching and find something I liked and I can across this totally natural soothing and hydrating mask I could make at home. It's got coconut oil in it which basically saves lives. The oil is so so hydrating and it can be eaten, worn, melted or just anything really. It's also super moisturising which is a total plus for me and my dodge skin. The rest is just a couple squeezes of lemon juice, half a cup of sugar and a bit of honey. That's your lot. You then mix it all up and leave it in the fridge for a bit. When you come to put it on your face be generous and leave it for about 10/15 mins to soak in. Don't scrub like a crazy person just apply it and don't touch. Next wash it off in the shower and enjoy having super fresh feeling and soft skin. 

I only do the scrub maybe once every 2-3 weeks because I know I need to be careful but because it's 100% natural it makes me feel better about my skin and doesn't make it go red raw. If you have skin that's suffering a little bit then using this little pot of joy will make a difference. Even if it is a little bit Im totally obsessed. Its'a also amazing for your cuticles and as a lip scrub.
Enjoy! Z x



  1. Ahh this sounds so lovely, adore your pictures too! I have heard so many good things about the skin benefits of lemon :D it sounds amazing as a lip scrub also! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thanks so much, the scrub is gorgeous and does wonders for my skin!
      L x

  2. I am so trying this! Thank you for sharing!



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