Tuesday, 26 July 2016

the only 3 beauty items you will ever need for a perfect night out

Ladies we have all been there, the taxi is outside you are trying to down half a glass of rose whilst strapping your heels and packing every piece of make-up on your face into a tiny but beautiful hand bag. Its time to put an end to this, well at least the cramming make-up into a small bag part. This is the guide to what you actually need in your bag for any night out.

Besides the obvious keys, money, phone and ID beauty wise all you need is a good mirror, your lip of choice, and some kind of perfume. Let me tell you why...

Do you know how much expensive, beautiful make-up I have lost, given away or otherwise parted ways with when I've had one too many and made friends for life in the loos. Lipliners, powders, brushes you name it I've shared it. Only way to put an end to this is to not, I repeat not bring the make-up out with you. All you need is your lipstick so you can top it up and a powder to fix your melted face.

The other item that makes the cut is a compact with a powder of some sort and a mirror. I won't go into all the reasons these are good items to take out with you because they speak for themselves. Another little tip is if you are desperate to bring out some kind of concealer or foundation, squeeze a little bit into the top of the mirror to use while you are out to fix any imperfections. You can easily clean the mirror the next day and it saves you bringing even more product out with you.

Finally a serious must for me is scent. The last situation you want to find yourself in is buying a spray of impulse from the toilet attendant for £1.50. You can buy lots of tiny perfume decanters that easily would fit into a small bag. A good perfume can cover a variety of sins and if you have a mini version of your favorite then theres no real drama if you lose it, sell it or give it away.


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