Monday, 25 July 2016

musicmonday Alice Kristiansen

I love YouTube for a variety of reasons but the root of my obsession came from listening to people with amazing voices singing covers in their bedrooms. It will come as no surprise that some of the people I've listened to as amateurs singing to their laptops are now have some wildly successful careers behind them, Somebody that I have discovered lately and fallen head over heels for is Alice Kristiansen.

Alice is an New York based singer with the voice of an angel and in my opinion flawless taste in music. She can be found on Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify with an array of different covers and originals on each platform much to my delight. She covers a variety of genres injecting her beautiful, bluesy tones into the songs while accompanying herself on either piano or guitar. She tends to cover a artists and bands with a folky, indie pop feeling about their music such as Lana Del Rey, Banks, James Bay and Hozier. She also offers beautiful, slowed down versions of chart songs which I always listen to on loop and end up preferring to the originals.

Like myself Alice is a huge Lana Del Rey fan and has a covered a number of her songs so beautifully. It takes a certain type of singer to take on Lana's song writing because of the almost country story telling factor she commits to her music. Alice meets expectation gorgeously, singing from the heart and her lovely angelic voice is a perfect compliment to the beautiful lyrics.

Links to Alice's music

Alice uploads an extremely versatile range of covers to all of these outlets, at the moment I am particularly enjoying her material on Soundcloud. To top off my complete gush about the extremely talented Alice Kristiansen I'm going to leave some of my favourite covers here at the bottom.

Enjoy and thank me later!


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